Sunday, December 18, 2016

What Do You Think About US Elections 2016 Till Now?

US Elections

For the first time in many decades, America is going through an electioneering period shrouded in endless controversies, thanks to many scandals, accusations and counter-accusations the main presidential contenders are being investigated for. While Hillary Clinton is largely being investigated for using a private server to conduct state related business, Trump is on the hand being accused of years of tax evasion and sexually related offenses against women. On these premises and more, this is arguably the most intriguing election year. Integrity and credibility Issues have become issues of great concern and there is no doubt that whatever choice Americans are going to make come November 8th, they will have to live with its consequences. What happened till now?

Well, as is always the case, predictions have been rife regarding who is going to carry the day.  From opinion pollsters to word on the street, the race that is hugely seen as watertight between Hillary and Trump is watched closely all over the world. With Hillary’s case on private email server having been re-opened by the FBI and the fact that she has been leading in virtually all opinion polls, the smoke is getting thicker and waters murkier.  Are democrats going back to the Oval Office for yet another term or is it Republicans time?  Let us look at possible scenarios, which could see Trump or Hillary carry the day.

A Republican-Democrat tussle

Well, it will almost be a mistaken standard way of thinking that the U.S election is a tussle pitting republicans against democrats, as is always the case. Recent announcements by former Republican presidents making good intentions of support Hillary debunk such a myth. This election is a very different from past one.  However, with some conventional assumptions where a democrat has always occupied Oval office for two terms and then republicans for another two terms, then Trump could just slip through the eye of a needle to become the next commander-in-chief.

Foreign Policy issues
Donald Trump has come out as Pro-Russian, something, which is not going down well with most Americans who fear that Russia could end up stealing America’s secrets, and reclaim its superpower position in modern day democracy. This is a bitter pill no American would want to swallow. If recent claims of Russian government’s underhand tactics in hacking the Democrat’s Convention Website as well as claims of Kremlin’s role in recent Wikileaks revelations about Hillary are anything to go by, then Americans will not want to go Donald Trump’s way given his perceived closeness with Moscow. Hillary’s approach to foreign policy could earn her a historic win in the white house race.

 Donald Trump

Experience as the best teacher

Donald Trump, the American dream has no known history in public administration or even in the civil service. This casts a dark shadow on his chances of clinching the U.S presidency. Unless American’s want to try someone new and do away with the every marauding Clintons in U.S affairs, Trump has a tough test to prove sceptics wrong that he can do it. It gets even tougher with his lack of clear strategies and one wonders how he will make America great again. On the other hand, Hillary’s experience in matters governance and clear policies will give her an easy sail through to the house on the hill.  But perhaps swing states could make all the difference even though Clinton looks more poised to win while Trump is betting on ‘Republicans time and making America great again’

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