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Caring of the Skin through the Dead Sea Minerals

Dead Sea Minerals

Dead Sea Minerals Skin Care

The Dead Sea is situated between Jordan, Israel and West Bank.  The place is also called the salt sea, and considered a haven for those who are suffering from health and skin problems. It has been providing positive results to the majority of people who had come to experience its healing properties. 
The geographical significance and the numerous chemicals that were discovered in the sea created an impact and became an interesting sanctuary for those who are engaged in cosmetics businesses. Those people who believe natural products also frequent the place and got them better.
There are various types of minerals that you can find in the Dead Sea waters, and those who had used the Dead Sea minerals agree that they felt better and healthier.  Their skin had a great improvement from what it used to be. These minerals are very precious in cosmetic companies because they specialize and produce products derived from Dead Sea minerals. Even the salts have positive effects on various skin problems such as dermatitis and psoriasis.

About the Dead Sea

It is the 21 important minerals that are found largely and exclusively in the Dead Sea, that makes it amazing and literally best in the care of the skin. It contains 10 times salt compared to Mediterranean Sea.  That is why there is that nourishing and therapeutic abilities that you cannot find in any other locations of seas and oceans.
The Dead Sea Minerals
Minerals play a very distinct role in proper functioning of the skin. The external application are readily absorbed by the layers of the skin and deeply penetrates down to every single tissue existing.  If you are deficit in any one of the minerals necessary, your skin cell activities are interrupted which results to dryness, aging as well as inflammation.
Some of the Minerals are:
  • Chloride. This is responsible for balancing the minerals of the body cells.
  • Magnesium. One of the most important mineral that helps in the acceleration process of the metabolism of cells through enzyme activation.
  • Potassium. This mineral regulates water balance. This encourages, maintains the nerves to signal properly, and stimulates muscle contractions.
  • Calcium. This is one type of mineral that makes cell membranes strong and healthy. Also good for strengthening bones and teeth.

Skin and Beauty Benefits

Over the long years, our bodies are stripped of from important minerals that we continuously need. Therefore, this process can lead to early aging process and can cause premature wrinkles, body aches, pains, age spots, discolorations and to some extent body aches and pains. Time as studies show had contributed to the formation of essentially rich minerals.
That is why even before the time of Cleopatra; people had already been visiting the Dead Sea and used Dead Sea cosmetics, soaking up and enjoying the benefits of the sea for their ailments and for beauty benefits.  Even the Goddess herself, Cleopatra loved the sea’s treasured minerals to maintain, enhance and treat her already glorious skin.

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