Thursday, December 19, 2013

Background of Home Made Natural Skin Care- Dead Sea Cosmetics or Organic Skin Care

Natural Skin Care

Natural skin care practices date back to the era of Egyptian people who made use of natural ingredients for the treatment of a wide range of problems related to the well being of the skin. They even used the bile of the bullock, dough, olive oil, eggs of ostrich and mixture of milk and resin for taking good care of the skin through natural means
Now, even the contemporary skin care treatments are using the natural elements since they are more effective on different skin types that include oily skin, normal skin, dry skin and also, the most difficult to treat skin-type of sensitive skin 

Naturally available ingredients for skin care purposes include Shea, jojoba, Aloe Vera, lavender, bees wax, safflower oil, butter, chamomile, rose hip seed oil, tea tree oil and witch hazel. Moreover, most of these natural elements can combined in such a way and proportion that they can be customized according to the condition and type of skin of an individual

Natural  cosmetics
Nevertheless, it can be argued that derived products from natural ingredients are unnatural, by definition, in relation to both the original element and the method of derivation. Thus, the term ‘natural skin care’ has been extensively used by the business people in order to attain a significant market value for their skin care products. Moreover, the commercially available natural skin care formulas do include chemical preservatives for the conservation of natural substances used in their making

Due to the rising awareness about the natural skin care practices among the people, the businesses associated with skin care field have misused the term ‘natural’ for gaining their own commercial benefits even though any derived product cannot be considered as ‘being natural’, by definition. Hence, it is better to make skin care product at home through
natural ingredients instead of buying a ready-made formula from the market.  
We recommend Organic skin care with unique ingredients.

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